Avid.com Website Is To Get An Overhaul / Redesign – Announced Today

We have just discovered via a post on the Avid DUC Forum the Avid.com website is to get a "redesign".

Since the last "revamp" of Avid.com several years ago in an aim to complete the transition for the Pro Tools Product line from the "Digidesign" name to one all encompassing Avid brand vistoris have found the navigation searching and general use of the Avid.com website somewhat frustrating at times.
With a product line like Pro Tools and its associated hardware and software variations and compatibilities it it vitally import and for users and prospective users to be able to access the information and support documentation they will need in order to answer the vast assortment of questions that will arise from such a potentially complex system.

This new news is hopefully a positive sign to bring Avid a little closer to making that currently slightly difficult connecion with its userbase and we hope to see a great improvement in future.

Avid Tech Support's official post in the forum reads:

"Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming launch of a completely redesigned Avid.com – coming on February 21st. More details will be shared with the community in the coming days as we approach the launch. In the meantime keep checking back here for the latest information."
  New Avid Website DUC Post -Pro Tools PC



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