Pro Tools -9173 error

Avid Ask For Customer Feedback On “AAE Error -9173” CPU Ran Out Of Processing Power With Windows

The "AAE Error -9173" has been causing problems for a lot of Pro Tools users recently, More so than ever with the latest version 12.5.

In what appears to be a "first" from Avid support (at least to my recollection) they have created a customer survey and are asking for user feedback (presumably) to try and gauge how widespread the AAE Error -9173 "CPU Ran out of processing power" in Pro Tools 12.5 is compared to 12.4 specifically on Windows 7 and 10.

First and foremost It's great to see Avid reaching out to the invaluable real-world experiences of the Pro Tools Windows userbase and secondly to see some presence back on the "much presumed abandoned" Ideascale.

Well done Avid !

If you are experiencing "AAE -9173" errors in Pro Tools 12.5 head over to the ideascale item here and participate in the survey and let's help get this bug squashed!

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