Audio Vitamins Contra – Simplified Level Matched Plug-In Auditioning

A new (to me at least) software Plug-In developer has just appeared on my radar by the name of Audio Vitamins with their Plug-In called Contra which aims to simplify the process of auditioning and selecting plugins to find the right choice for your material.

The Audio Vitamins website tells us:
Take the effort out of making crucial decisions for your mix and speed up your workflow. With Contra as part of your essential toolbox you no longer have to spend hours clicking through different plugins to find the right compressor to make your drums punchy or reverb to give your mix depth and dimension: Contra does it, without you having to touch the mouse. With your hands free your ears can focus on what's important – your music

Watch this demo video to see how it works:

contra-screenshotAfter hours and hours of wasted time in the studio we bashed our heads together and decided to come up with the first workflow plugin that will help you listen and achieve better mixes in a shorter time.  Whilst we were brainstorming we all agreed that the modern sound technician is an amazing computer technician, with an understanding of the system in front of them that comparable to a programmer and we felt that in always reaching for a mouse and watching where the mouse pointer is going on the screen we’ve lost the ability to listen with the focus we really need to achieve that perfect mix.

Welcome Contra, a plugin that is designed to help you make some crucial decisions in the mix without having to grab that mouse and click.  Keeping your ears focused on the mix, will mean that your mix will sound better and you’ll get to the end product quicker. You will be able to choose between more options in a shorter time, letting you hear different plugin chains and compare them without having to click mute and un-mute numerous times and forget what you like.  Contra can help you narrow down the particular plugins and settings that makes your mix jump out.


  • Load up to 8 VST, VST3 or AU plugins
  • Store your plugins with settings as presets for quick setup of new sessions
  • Different audition lengths allowing for multiple instances of Contra to run against each other
  • Internal delay compensation engine
  • Minimal CPU and Memory usage

    Price - Just £40 !!!

    50% off Contra until May 31st with promo code: thebeatcommunity01

Mac OSX: 64bit AAX, VST3, VST and 32/62bit AU
Windows: 64bit  AAX, VST3 and VST 

Find out more and buy your copy on the Audio Vitamins website here.

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