AMS Neve Announces New BCM10/2 Mk2

The classic and legendary Neve BCM10 console has become a connoisseur’s favourite in recent years for use as a sidecar for larger studios. Powered as it is by Neve 1073 mic pres and EQ along with its 1272 summing mixers it’s guaranteed to delight the most demanding ear.

Given the scarcity of these treasured classic consoles and their suitability for up to the minute techniques of recording with workstations, the BCM10 is an ideal partner as a main console in such a set-up.


Therefore Neve designers are proud to announce the launch of the BCM10/2 MK2 at AES 2015 NY - with all the revered design, genuine Neve modules and sound, yet with additional convenience features for modern day recording and utilising the new 1952 switching unit – all adding up to a blissful recording experience.

Here's another more comprehensive Q&A Video from Vintage King


The Neve BCM10/2 MK2 is available in 10, 16, 24 and 32 channel configurations with first deliveries in January 2016.

Please see the BCM10/2 Mk2 webpage for further information and a whole raft of videos.

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